Climate change is now irreversible – UN Body Warns

Climate change is now irreversible with ocean warming now crossing a “tipping point”, United Nations experts warned.

A new report backed by United Nations revealed that even if the world cuts down on emission significantly, there would still be a rise in sea levels resulting in hundred times more frequent coastal flooding.

Rapid melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland is raising the sea levels by 3.6mm every year which is double compared to the 20th century.

“Climate change is already irreversible due to the heat uptake in the ocean.” panel member, Valerie Masson-Delmotte told while revealing the report in Monaco.

“We can’t go back, whatever we do with our emissions.”

Another Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -IIPC expert, said: “There are large uncertainties about tipping points that may be ahead of us, but for some systems, especially biological evidence in the oceans, we have already evidence that the tipping point has been passed.”

According to the report, by the 20th century, annual flooding might increase by 1,000 times; leaving many islands absolutely uninhabitable.

The analysis predicts that even if with worldwide efforts global warming is kept 2C above pre-industrial levels, the sea levels could still rise from 30cm to 60cm. But, if the emissions continue to increase like now, the sea level might rise by 60-110 cm.

IPCC report in 2018 called for 45 percent reductions in carbon emissions by 2030.

“If we reduce emissions sharply, consequences for people and their livelihoods will still be challenging, but potentially more manageable for those who are most vulnerable,” said Hoesung Lee, chair of the body, on Wednesday.”

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