Hotels In Pattaya – Travel Guide To Thailand

Pattaya has literally hundreds of place to stay. Ranging from backpacker style guesthouses to 5-star luxury hotels.

There are good reasons why Pattaya is such a popular place to visit. Situated on the Gulf Coast of Thailand, close to the capital and its airport, it is a city and beach resort which is certainly easy to get to. Location, however, isn’t everything, and when complemented by the incredible array of natural and cultural charms on offer, a Pattaya holiday may just be an irresistible proposition for the five million visitors who come each year. If getting here is easy then staying a while is too, courtesy of the range, quality, and choice of Pattaya hotels.

The city occupies much of the coastal area of Banglamung, a district of the Chonburi Province. Less than a 2 hour drive from Bangkok it is a popular weekend break destination for residents of the capital and Thailand in general, and with the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport just 100km from Pattaya, international visitors can join in the fun, as they do in large numbers. It is a mix of national and international flavor which works well in creating the unique cultural characteristics of the city, translated also to the hotels which often have international and cosmopolitan environments, infused with some authentic local color.

Minibus or taxi is the standard means of getting to the city from the airport. Getting around the city itself can be achieved by hiring a scooter, taking a taxi or by using the ubiquitous Songthaews, dark blue pick-up trucks converted into a cheap means of public transport. These will connect all points on the beach and take in most of the other attractions for a 10 Baht fare. The best Pattaya hotels will operate their own shuttle services, either from the airport or around the city, and will certainly have tour and travel information and services readily available for those want to cram as much as possible into their stay.

Given the ease of travel within the city, the actual location of a hotel may be less important for enjoying an overall Pattaya experience, but there are very definite benefits in choosing the right location for a specific type of holiday. Clearly beach lovers will want a beachfront location, with ever-present sea views and easy access to the fun beach activities and water sports so readily available. Others will want to combine that with some high-class downtown shopping and dining and so any centrally located hotels will do.

Then there is, of course, the nightlife. Go-go bars, pubs, clubs and live entertainment venues are found throughout the city, but where most people head for such hedonistic pleasures is Walking Street. This, as the name suggests, is a pedestrianized zone, towards the southern end of the beach road, a km or so from the city center and home to most of the nightlife opportunities so associated with this, and other Thailand destinations. In essence, any hotels on the central beach and inland from it will provide their guests with convenient access to the busier and more vibrant side of the city, whether for days on the beach or nights on the tiles.

There is a concerted effort to make the city more of a family-oriented holiday destination, with considerable success. In addition to large modern shopping malls with family restaurants, cinema screens, and bowling alleys right in the heart of the city, there are locations both north and south which are perfectly suited for a fun family holiday. North of Pattaya is Naklua, and south, Jomtien, both of which have less crowded beaches than Central Pattaya, and a more family-centered approach to beach and water sport activities, and other such facilities for leisure and recreation.

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