Some Must Travel Inexpensive Places of The World

This list of the cheapest places in the world will be an inspiration. These countries are worth visiting; they are deep in culture, history and much to see and experience. What makes them great tourist destinations is that you can survive an entire day in these countries for less than 20 USD! This list is based upon the countries where a private and double occupancy hotel room costs in each city, and the cheapest meal in each city. Other costs such as transport, entry fees at pubs and so on have not been computed in this list.


Vangvieng in Laos has to be the cheapest place to head to, if you’re a budget traveler. Here you can manage your day’s expenses within $4.25, find double occupancy accommodation for two within$3.25 for a night, and enjoy a meal for two at $0.50! This works out to less than $10 for the entire day for two people, which is as cheap as it gets anywhere in the world.


The beautiful, sunny and cosmopolitan destination of Goa is actually dirt cheap to visit if you are a budget traveler. With varied accommodations such as hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and even beach tents, Goa can afford to offer a stay for two per day at $3.50.  A meal for two, reasonably good and tasty Portuguese and Brazilian food will cost only $0.50. Best of all, you can manage your entire day’s expenses in Goa under $3.50


Thailand, the land of culture, dances, ethnicity and great food, has good news for the budget traveler. Though you might be tempted to go all out and shop for silver accessories and food here, if you stick to your budget, you won’t be spending a lot of money in Bangkok. For $6.23, you can manage your daily expenses, and under $3.73, you can find a reasonable stay for two and food for two can be availed at $1.25.


The once almost destroyed Vietnam managed to pull up its socks to become a tourist destination for the budget traveler. Here in Ho Chi Minh City, you can enjoy a unique culture, enjoy arts and crafts, visit temples and tourist spots and still not hit the poor house. Cover your daily expenses under $6.86, find accommodation within $5.00 and eat a hearty Vietnamese meal for less than $0.93.


Quito is a fantastic destination to explore. Tourists like to cruise around the Galapagos, and enjoy the varied shoreline and the magnificent landscape of Ecuador. For the budget traveler, the good news is that daily expenses for two can be covered within $7.00, which a reasonable stay for two can be had at $5.00 and a warm meal for two at $1.00.


Cambodia, ancient land of culture, beautiful old stone temples and magnificent forests pulls the average tourists to visit each year. Cambodia is rife with snakes, mosquitoes and other critters but if you’re prepared, you can have a good time. The costs are low, though; two people can manage themselves admirably within $7.00 find accommodation for two under $3.00 and enjoy a meal for two under $2.00.


Bali, Indonesia, is another popular tourist haunt. Bali is famous for its beautiful oceans, scenery and clean outdoors. The exotic dances, costumes and the great, natural food here are awe-inspiring. Bali, with all this, is still fairly cheap to travel, with daily expenses for two covered under $7.16, accommodations at $6.50 and a meal for two under $0.33!


Paraguay now welcomes visitors with open arms but the turbulent history of this country has definitely left its mark. Visit Asuncion and enjoy its historical section, charming colonial plazas and riverside buildings. There’s much to see and do in this Spanish colonial city. Save a mean buck or two as well, with these numbers. Daily expenses for two at $8.00, accommodation for two at $4.00 and a reasonable meal for two within $2.00!


Kathmandu holds both the charm of a spiritual destination and a unique, high altitude point for adventure lovers. Nepal, though developing fast, has a wonderfully laid back and culturally ethnic feel that’s hard to find in other places. That apart, a trip to Kathmandu won’t clean you out either. You and your friend or partner can manage a day’s expenses in under $8.29, find reasonably good accommodation for two under $3.67 and enjoy a small meal for two under $2.31!


China is fast growing into the next IT destination of the world. Chinese goods have infiltrated every market worldwide. This enterprising country has much to offer in terms of culture, history, sights, scenery, and food for the traveler. China is also a fairly good deal for the budget traveler. A day’s expenses in Beijing will set you back by $8.50, while reasonable double occupancy room can be had for $6.50 a night, and a small but filling meal for two will cost you less than $1.00.

Teena Celis is an avid traveler and works as a content writer for Adrenaline that provides a large range of flying experiences like helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, parasailing all across Australia.

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